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At the height of lockdown I decided to use my free time to recreate one of my favourite productions of all time! MakeDamnSure from the album Louder Now by Taking Back Sunday. The song was recorded and mixed by Eric Valentine and features one of the most unique and interesting drum sounds of the last 20 years. It is highly disputed but I personally LOVE it and had an amazing time recreating it! I actually think I got scarily close.


Kick drum is a 24x14 Sonor Phonic (used by Eric on Songs For The Deaf)


Snare drum is 14x5 Ludwig Acrolite 


The samples are multi-velocity and have been processed with a combination of outboard and plugins to get you as close to the drum sound you hear on the record as possible. Each TCI comes with close, crush, overhead and room. 

MakeDamnBloor Kick and Snare TCI Pack

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